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The 102 Amazon Kindle Children’s Books

A Complete Collection of Childrens Early Learning

All the Core Initial Learning Subjects Every Single book comes with a secret web based companion page. Includes 2 Videos and Includes More details on the subject  

An Essential Part of every Home School  

  • Delivered from Amazon Weekly 
  • 102 Kindle Books 
  • A Complete Library.  

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  • For Ages 3-10 and Great for Bedtime Reading
  • For Non Readers to be read to, through Early Readers.

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Bonus #1 – 34 Parenting Books

  • Over 34 Books on Child Care and Parenting

Written for all Parents 

  • About Raising Infants through Teens  
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Bonus #2 - 7 Book Activity Set Collection

Includes our 7 Pack of Activities Books for Kids, and includes a surprise for Parents

Includes Word Search, Connect the Dots, Childrens Crosswords, Fun Mazes.  

Includes Coloring Book. Adult Coloring Book and Secret Parenting Book - For the Parents 

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